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As a grade six student one of the challenges to face is to create your own master piece. Let me introduce you to my very first art called " THE KEEPER ". So what is this keeper all about?

  1. This handy thing can keep your personal letters. You don't want your precious letter into the garbage can right?
  2. Not just your letters but also your bills like electrical bills, water bills, internet bills, and more. This is your personal organizer.

Want to make your own personalize Keeper? Follow this steps!

  1. Make a clean and right project plan.
  2. Draw the project.
  3. Know the Materials.
  4. Prepare all the material according to size and shape.
  5. Set the squaredness and right pattern at every part.
  6. Apply finishing materials for the project.
  7. Enhance finished rubberized wallpaper organizer project by adding some decoration.